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  • SmartPong Robot

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Optional accessories for the SmartPong Table Tennis Robot

Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand

Extend the capabilities of the SmartPong Table Tennis Robot by adding the Tripod Stand. By positioning the stand anywhere around your table, you can be creative with the point where the balls will be served from.

Main Features

  • Can serve different shots.
  • Enables full portability of your SmartPong Table Tennis Robot enabling you to:
          1. Pitch balls from any angle
          2. Achieve a better curve on the pitch
  • Add new and creative ways to train with SmartPong
          1. Practice smashing lobs and looping against chop
          2. Practice returning around the net shots
  • Chiquita spin shots are easily produced
              1. The popular new side top return from the back hand corner.

SmartPong Tripod Stand


Box of 100 Practice Balls

Practice Balls

They say you can never have too many balls!

These balls are specifically manufactured for use with the SmartPong Table Tennis Robot.

  • 40mm diameter ball

Box of Table Tennis Balls


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    Tripod Stand - £120.00       Box of 100 Celluloid Balls - £22.50