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Eugene Wang

"SmartPong is a very reliable machine. I love the Auto Mode drills which make it easy to perform needed footwork routines.

I would recommend this robot to players of all skill levels."


" Table Tennis requires hours of conditioning and muscle memory. SmartPong is the most consistent practice partner you can find. Having the ability to customise your practice in Memory Mode maximises your potential."

Gau Jun
Ernesto Ebuen "SmartPong has played a big part in training our kids at PTTA. It has made our everyday routine more enjoyable for the youngsters. They love the idea of playing and interacting with a 'robot'. The different features (spins, returns) of the SmartPong has definitely helped raise their level of play. It has taught them the basics of table tennis. SmartPong is a mainstay at the PTTA and I highly recommend it to beginners and advanced players who are looking to have fun and improve their game"