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Experience the thrills and excitement of table-tennis  with the SmartPong TJ3000A - the ultimate fully automated table-tennis robot allowing for solo play against a 'tireless' opponent.

Equipped with a wireless infrared LCD remote control, the SmartPong can deliver topspin, backspin and sidespin balls to different table locations with four fully-automatic play modes. Enjoy continuous, unlimited play with the automatic recycling of the balls that collects and serves them back to you for interruption free play.

The SmartPong table-tennis robot allows you to:

  • choose between 9 pre-programmed patterns.
  • individually program your own ball speed, trajectory, type of spin, location and frequency to a fixed point.
  • practice one programmed ball at two different locations on the table
  • individually program your own ball speed, trajectory, type of spin, location and frequency in up to a 9 ball sequence.
  • set a timer to practice your selected routine for up to 15 minutes.

The SmartPong Robot comes complete with 100 balls, a detailed user manual and an instructional DVD. Backed up by a 2-years manufacturers defective warranty*, it is the ultimate table tennis companion.


  • Wireless infrared remote control with LCD display
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Automatic ball recycling system for unlimited play
  • Timer feature for 15-minute routines
  • Built-in automatic electrical power switching for use anywhere in the world
  • Automatic power supply switching
  • No heat after extended play
  • Low noise
  • Detailed user manual and demo DVD
  • Patents awarded in Germany, USA, Japan, Taiwan and China


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SmartPong Table Tennis Robot

The SmartPong Table Tennis Robot with back pack

SmartPong Table Tennis Robot Accessories

Whats in the box?

  • Table Tennis Robot
  • Infra Red Remote
  • 100 practice balls
  • Backpack
  • Ball Collector
  • Netting (main and side nets)
  • Instructional DVD and User Guide
  • Spare parts set



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10 Reasons to choose SmartPong

1. State-of-the-art

SmartPong is the FIRST and ONLY robot that utilises state-of-the-art, computer controlled, industrial technology. This unique feature provides professional, powerful functions,  with a quality far superior to other table tennis robots in the world. There's no other robot that can compete with the SmartPong.

2. Wireless Remote Control

SmartPong is the FIRST and ONLY robot that uses a 'wireless infrared LCD remote control' with LCD display and chart. There are no cable connections except for the main unit power cord, with all functions handled by the remote. With no wires and no need for manual adjustments, the SmartPong is easy and convenient to operate. Using infrared signals, the remote controls all settings and functions. The controls include ball speed, type of spin, ball feed rate, throwing head angle, amount of oscillation and start/stop for the ball feeder. In addition, memory settings and programming are also controlled by the remote. All settings are controlled by increasing or decreasing the value using a '+' or '-' control.

3. Three-Axis Stepper Motor

The SmartPong is the FIRST and ONLY robot with a 'three-axis stepper motor' controlled by program allowing it to:

  • Deliver topspin, backspin & sidespin balls at the same time to different table locations, with 4 fully automatic play modes
  • Interchange between spin types to produce topspin, backspin & sidespin balls by programming
  • Shoot different spins for consecutive shots in the same sequence

4. Automatic Ball Collection

The SmartPong is the FIRST and ONLY robot with an 'automatic ball collector'. It uses a small ball 'agitator' that stirs the balls around so that they fall into an opening that leads to the robot's ball feeder. This helps avoid pitching interruption and makes the play fun

5. Recycle Gadget Net

The SmartPong, with it's 'recycle gadget net added', can gather balls together for continuous use without stopping practice. It recycles, collects and serves the ball for continuous, unlimited play.

6. Individually Programmable

The SmartPong will allow you to individually program your own shots with respect to ball speed, frequency, angle of elevation, location, runtime, trajectory and type of spin. Furthermore, the SmartPong table-tennis robot is the FIRST and ONLY robot in which spin direction can be set from 1 degree up to 359 degrees, whichever type of spin you wish.


The SmartPong throwing head rotates from 0-359 degrees, so any type of spin is possible. There is a guide label on the head that indicates which spin the head is set to generate. On the remote, the setting ranges from 1-60. For pure topspin the remote is set to 1, whilst pure backspin is 31. Since this corresponds to how a minute hand on a clock reads, it's easy to remember what setting generates what kind of spin.

The spin and speed are proportional to each other on this robot. The faster the ball is thrown; the more spin is placed on the ball. 'No-spin' balls are not possible, outside of short serve. Since trajectory is a function of speed and spin in this robot, shot trajectory is not independently controllable.

The ball feed rate ranges from 30 to 90 balls per minute, wide enough for almost all practice sequences.


The table is divided into 9 zones and oscillation can be controlled to occur between any of the 9 zones, where zone 1 is the far left side of the table and zone 9 is the far right side.


There are 9 pre-programmed routines in the SmartPong table tennis robot. These pre-programmed routines cannot be changed but the ball feed rate can be changed. The 9 routines, which vary placement and spin type, have different degrees of difficulty.

One frequently asked question about the SmartPong is "Can it really feed one ball with a certain spin/location on one shot and then a ball with a totally different spin/location on the next?" The answer is YES! You can program up to 9 different shots to make one routine. When run, the robot will step through each programmed shot and then repeat the sequence. The spin type, speed and location, as well as ball feed rate, can be set for each shot.

7. Industrial Unit

The SmartPong main unit is built to industrial standards and contains the electronics, motors and gears used to control and throw the balls. The main unit us ventilated with a large fan inside used to cool the micro-controller and other electronic components. There is no overheating after extended play. Its timer feature allows you to practice your selected routine for up to 15 minutes.

8. Built in 'switch power supply'

The SmartPong is the FIRST and ONLY table-tennis robot with a built-in 'switch power supply' to accommodate all international voltages with AC 88V to 240V. This allows for use anywhere, applicable to any zone in the world.

9. Worldwide Patents

The SmartPong has patents granted in the USA, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and China.

10. Comprehensive KIt

The SmartPong comes complete with:

  • Recycling Net System
  • Side Net Extrensions
  • Wireless Remote Controller +Special Cover (with batteries)
  • Three Bottom Pads
  • Ball Blender
  • Robot Dust Cover
  • Power Cord
  • Detailed User Manual & Instructional DVD
  • 100 Table Tennis Balls
  • Set of Spare Parts
  • Ball Picker
  • Backpack
  • Table Tennis Techniques Skills Booklet and DVD
  • 2 Years Manufacturers Defective Warranty

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